Mar 17, 2010

We'd like to invite you on our revamp website about Doda, in English:


Mar 14, 2010

First episode of 'Just the two of us'

Doda appeared in the first episode of 'Just the two of us'. She's in the jury of this music programme. To see more photos visit our photo gallery.

Mar 4, 2010

Tak to lecialo - PHOTOS

We added over 40 photos from the TV programme 'Tak to lecialo'. Doda and Nergal took part in it yesterday (the programme still hasn't been shown). It was a special, charity episode. Doda had to guess words of polish and international songs. Hope she did well for the kids!

Mar 2, 2010

Power of Music - photos

We added over 40 new photos from the set of new music video featuring Doda. The song is called Muzyki Moc (Power of Music) and is sang by 12 polish artists.

Feb 27, 2010

Viva Comet 2010 - VIDEOS

Doda - Dziękuję

Rózni Artyści - Muzyki Moc

Feb 26, 2010

Doda in italian press!

Another foreign press publish something about Doda! This time it's an interview with our singer in italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Doda is one of four members of Mensa (the international organization for the most intelligent people) featured in the magazine. In the interview Doda says that her IQ (156) is the proof that 'the women can be sexy, pose nude on the cover of Playboy and yet be devilish intelligent' She also says that she has villa and porshe carrera thanks to intelligence. Doda agree with the fact that she's a revange on the jokes about blondes - 'Mean people says I'm all plastic, but I think that they didn't discover silicone to enlarge brain'.

Viva Comets - photos

We added first 45 photos from Viva Comets 2010. Doda won three awards (in all categories she was nominated - Artists of Last 10 Years, Song of Last 10 Years - for Szansa, and the Video of the Year - for Rany). This means Doda, during three Viva Comets which took place in Poland, won 10 awards which is the biggest amount of Viva Comets among artists in the whole Europe! Congratulations!

Feb 19, 2010

Polsat Party + Blenders' concert

We added some recent photos of Doda:

Polsat Party:

Blenders' concert:

Feb 17, 2010

Doda's concerts - PHOTOS

We added photos from three last Doda's concert - in Łódź (private party), Zabrze and Pietna.

Gifts for birthday!

Last Monday, Doda had her birthday. We visited her on her birthday party to give her our two gifts - special birthday video was presented just after the concert in Zabrze and the mosaic built from houndreds of fans photos was given later. Watch the photo of Doda with our gift!

Doda with Lady Gaga - TRUE!

We want to confirm what polish and some foreign medias are writing - it's true that Doda is meeting with Lady Gaga! To see one of the articles in Enslish, visit Posh24: Lady Gaga and Doda - New BFFs?.

Jan 29, 2010

Telekamery 2010

Although Doda wasn't nominated in Telekamery 2010 (due to the fact that she didn't release any new album last year), our singer appeared on the party and even gave an awards in the category 'Music'. The winner was Andrzej Piaseczny.

Doda, as the first star in the whole world, had the newest shoes of McQueen.

Here are the photos:

Details on the new album

Doda revealed some details about her upcoming album, second as a solo artist. The music style will be a mix of modern electro music with hard rock (heavy guitars). There won't be just one producer, Doda has few of them, so the music will be diverse. The title of the album is said to be 'The Seven Temptation'. It will have two versions - one in English titled that way and one in Polish titled 'Siedem Pokus Głównych'. Album will have seven different covers available, each of them presenting another temptation. The first singel will be available in May, the whole album - during Summer 2010.

Jan 21, 2010

New song featuring Doda! DOWNLOAD!

Television Viva Poland has its 10th birthday. Due to this fact, polish artists recorded special charity song about music called 'Power of music' (Muzyki Moc). Doda sing first choir solo, the second one she sings with Feel (Piotr Kupicha). There are also many other artists featured in the song. You can download it HERE. All the singers will perform it on Viva Comet next month, soon we'll see the special video made for it!

Doda's lyrics:
'You'll be with us always
If You only want to
You really can have whatever You want to!
You're always with us
Even though we don't know each other
Then music sounds connect us!'

Jan 18, 2010

Doda with the president of Poland

Doda was on the charity party. She met there a lot of politicians, including the president of Poland with his wife... see those amazing photos which were quite shocking for polish medias ;)